Sunday, June 10, 2012

Great Scots!

We attended the Kansas City Scottish Festival yesterday.  Bruce and I, Megan and Brandon, Brittany and Ryan packed our sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, camp stools, and canteens and headed north to park in the Red X parking lot and catch the shuttle to Riverside Park to join in the revelry.  We try to go every year, as part of his Father's Day or pre-Father's Day celebrations.

Pipers gathered near the entrance.  We enjoyed the pipes and drums all day.
 The BARR family hails from Bonny Scotland as a "sept" of the Baird clan.  Clans were wealthy landowners, and thus powerful.  A sept family associated with a clan for protection.  The BROWN family has a family crest and attained clan status.  (But I don't call my husband's attention to that.)  On the Brown side of my family tree, my greatgrandmother was a McCaslin, also Scot.  It seems that without actually intending to, I've strengthened the family ties to Scotland; so has Megan, in her marriage to a Roberts!
Baird Clan Tartan Plaid
The BAIRD tartan is stunning.  I purchased several yards as a Christmas present to Bruce a couple of years ago--bought it online directly from Scotland!  He hasn't had it made up into a kilt yet, but his planning to do that so that he can dress out and be part of the Parade of Clans.  The wool that I purchased is a soft, summer-weight; it can get very hot at this June event.
Parade of Clans--BAIRD Clan.
 The BROWN tartan looks good, too.
Brown Clan Tartan Plaid.
I guess that if Bruce really gets into his Scots hobby, I might have to buy a few yards of the Brown tartan plaid and have that made into something that I can wear for fun.

The Highland Games take place throughout the festival, and there are several levels of dance competition.  We watched some of the Highland Games--from a shaded spot near the competition field--but didn't get to the dance pavilion this year.  Bruce's cousin, Bob Barr, was chaperone to a group of young men attending a weight lifting camp in Lexington, MO.  It was fun to meet up with Bob (he and Cindy have moved back to New Orleans) and see him again.
Women's Competition: Sheaf Toss

Men's Competition: Hammer Throw

We always enjoy the informational presentations like Gaelic language lessons, harp lessons, how to pleat and dress in the great kilt, as well as storytelling and demonstrations in battle weaponry.  Even better on a day like Saturday, cooled by a southern breeze and shaded by the trees, as we sat in rapt attention.
Weaponry Demonstration / Sons of Alban

Weaponry Demonstration / Sons of Alban
Usually, Bruce manages to attend one of the Red X sessions for tasting Scotch whiskey.  He tried twice, and each time, the sessions were full.  We did enjoy a hearty lunch, which did include haggis and scotch eggs.
Haggis and Scotch Eggs (on a bed of curry french fries--not Scot)

Ryan chose a roasted turkey leg for lunch fare.

Megan and I had a not-Scot lunch: barbeque beef nachos.

Brandon purchased this blue glass bottle of non-carbonated root beer.
We shopped among the vendor's tents, and Bruce purchased a nifty belt-pouch, among other small items.  I rested in the shade of a sweet gum tree, populated by a mother robin and one noisy baby still in the nest.

Of course, the day would not be complete without a couple of silly photos to commemorate the occasion.
Megan as a Celtic Knight, with Brandon and Brittany.

Bruce and me.

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