Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stick A Pin In It!

As in "pin" for posting online in a social-media network, and "interest" for collecting and categorizing an eclectic mix of ideas gleaned from a wide range of sources and save these in both a visual form and text to file away for your own future reference and to share with other "pinners."  If you've ever subscribed to a "SmartBrief" online, you get the idea: it's the best of the best stuff, the coolest of the cool information, presented in the simplest and most convenient format.

I admit it, I'm addicted to Pinterest. 

Six months ago, I was "clean."  I'd never heard of Pinterest, never been tempted to spend minutes--hours--browsing through an online site to discover what other people "like" and "repin" to their own "boards."  And now, almost overnight, after just one exposure to the substance of the site, I am hooked.  I can't go 24 hours without my fix.

Honestly, if you visit your Facebook page every day--another online addiction; I'm a woman with multiple demons, it seems--and you have Friends who "pin," the call of the boards is there, in your face, inescapable.  It's like the very folks that form the inner circle of your social media network are push-pins, coaxing you: Come see the cool stuff I've posted.  

My daughters were addicted first.  Brittany pinned an array of hairstyles to one of her Pinterest boards when she was deciding how to have Billie Shoesmith (stylist at The Masters in Lee's Summit, where we've been clients for 30 years) fix her hair for the wedding.  Of course, she showed me all the possibilities, and then I wanted advice for how Jennifer might style my hair, and the whole thing quickly snowballed (it was January) into what suddenly became my addiction.  Megan is a "pinner," and so is her mother-in-law, Robin and her sister-in-law, Andrea.  I follow all their pins.  You might consider the whole lot a cohort of enablers.

I have to say that Pinterest is more fun than reading a magazine.  The magazine publishers need to take note: most of their pages are blatant advertisements, and we readers know it.  We thumb through page after page of ads, just to get to the articles, and then we find that often the articles focus on products and the articles are themselves promotions.  I'm spending more and more time with my iPad and the online versions of my favorite info-promo-media.  I have nothing against advertising and promotion (in fact, I obviously promote businesses and products that I enjoy).  I just like the convenience of the online format and the fact that I don't have a mound of recycling to deal with in the process.

And the whole online social media has been good for businesses who have been savvy enough to go with the flow.


What could be more fun than sharing online?  With Pinterest, you can choose to share with only a small circle of friends, or to go public.  I'll admit that I get a little thrill when someone "likes" one of my "pins" and an even bigger rush when a "pin" is "repinned" by someone and a huge high when a fellow Pinterester decides to "follow" one or all of my "boards."  


Yep, this is another one of those Why didn't I think of this? online "services" that is a current craze.  (Instagram is another billion-dollar idea that I wish I'd thought of--or if I hadn't, I wish my husband had.  Zowie!)

 Better than Bejeweled.  Superior to Scrabble.  Pooh-pooh to Poker.  Say "sayonara" to Solitare.  I'm "sticking a pin in it" on Pinterest.


  1. Being a Pinhead must run in our family! Ha ha ha.

    1. Ha ha ha! That is a good one! I wish I'd thought of it!